Three New Projects

I haven’t posted anything in years, but I have three projects that I’m currently trying to work on in my free time. Check out the Projects page for some more details and a few pics. I plan on posting more as time permits.


Card Wars Discontinued

Sorry for the long silence. With the release of an official Card Wars game for ios and android, my project has been discontinued.


Edit: So there have been a few requests that i continue the project. I’m considering it but it will involve basically a complete re-coding if i do in fact resume development. I have another project that i’ve been working on though so we’ll see.

Card Wars Update – 5/26/2013

Okay, I have rough combat in place. You can’t attack buildings yet, but you can attack creatures. During the Combat Phase, click on a creature and select “Activate”, enemy targets will highlight (that needs some work still), click on an enemy creature and click “Attack”. You do this for all creatures you wish to attack with. Then when you click “Continue” the turn will advance and damage will be dealt to enemies. Still lots of work to do but this is definitely some progress. The downloadable game files and webplayer have both been updated. If anyone plays them and notices something strange like the game getting stuck in a certain phase or damage not being dealt correctly please post a comment.

Card Wars Update – 5/19/2013

So, it was identified that the computer opponent could place any card on the Swamps. This has been corrected and thanks for the comment that led me to that. 🙂  I should be uploading a new build later today/tonight, but I’m hoping to make a few more additions first. Me and my family were still sick this weekend (I have no idea how long this can last but its driving me crazy!) but I was able to add in attack and defense parameters to all of the cards available so far, so I should be able to add in at least rudimentary combat. that will be my goal for tonight and I will post another update prior to uploading the latest build. Also, I’m currently discussing taking on a 3d modeler, which will drastically increase development time. More to follow on that. 🙂 Of course, on that topic, if anyone else has any skills they feel comfortable offering in the arena of game development such as texturing or audio, even concept art would all be welcome. I just opened an email account for accepting info related to game development at:

Card Wars Update – 5/11/13

The webplayer and PC standalone now match and in both I have started to add in creature health when the cards are zoomed in on. Not all of them are ready and I’m going to have to go back and change all of the creature cards at least to add in a Max Health line. But all of the drawing and placing seems to be working correctly. If anyone tries the current builds and sees anything weird please post a comment as well as how to specifically replicate the weird occurrence. Thanks!

Card Wars Update Again – New Build

I’ve put a new build of the Card Wars game up for download for anyone who’s interested. I should have a new webplayer version available this weekend. The latest build allows the computer to place a building card or creature card during its turn and all creature cards at this point will create a group of three Battle Cubes. That’s the only creature model I have right now. Still its some progress and hopefully I’ll be able to make some time to work on a few more models this weekend to make the next build a little more interesting. There still isn’t full game functionality yet, I’m working through the turn sequence and still hammering out how I want the rules to go. You can find the link to download on the Card Wars tab.

Card Wars Update

Its not much but I’ve put the latest build of Card Wars up for download. It has the updates from the previous post. I will hopefully be able to do some more work this weekend.

Edit: The webplayer has not been updated yet. Sorry…

Card Wars Update

While I have not updated the build on my blog yet, I have made progress on the opponent being able to select building cards to play during its turn and play them to the board. I also added in a rough model for the battle cubes. Its currently linked to all of the creature cards so that any of them being played will create a group of three animated cubes on the board but once I have more models that will change. Anyway, I’m working on getting the opponent set up to be able to play all of the cards right now but I’m also working on getting a job, keeping a daycare on stand-by for my kids in case I get a job as well as still taking care of/playing with my kids. I have also been working on different projects by way of practicing/learning new things, hence the slow development on this game. I know there are people out there interested in this, but please keep in mind that this is an independent project, there is only one person on the development team and my family always comes first. That being said, feel free to subscribe to my blog and you’ll get emails when I add new post that are normally development related! Thanks for those of you interested in the game!

Game Demo(Not Card Wars)

For anyone who’s interested, while I’m working on the next build of Card Wars you can check out my latest project; a turn-based/board game style RPG. It still needs tons of work but it is playable at this point. Feel free to download it.

Card Wars Resumed

Okay, so I don’t have any new screenshots or a new build yet, but I have resumed active development of the Card Wars game. A new addition is the enemy can draw its starting hand, which wasn’t happening before and very soon I will have the enemy place cards on its turn. Currently the first opponent, Jake, is using the same cards as the player’s starting deck but that will change once I’ve got everything working so that a match can actually be played. A new build will be coming soon where at the very least the enemy will be able to choose cards to play on its turn and play those cards to the table. Thanks to those of you who have continued your interest.